The chosen project to end my degree in Computer Games Animation at Teesside University.

Inspired by my love for both traditional and 3D animation, the project explores the challenge and potential of expanding a 2D media franchise into CGI for use in 3D animation. This was backed by the observation that franchises traditionally presented in 2D, often make the transition in to 3D at some point for use in videogames or animated films. In these scenarios, it is necessary that the look and feel of the franchise in question is carried over to the new mediums, in order to keep a consistent brand image and stay recognisable to the audience. 

The source material studied for this project is from the hit GAINAX series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (PSG), chosen for it's incredibly unique character design and flair mixing Western and Japanese influences.

The work from this project is presented here as a short proof of concept film, combining storyboarded sequences with complete renders that suggest what a final product could look like. Key pieces on display here are the characters of Panty Anarchy, Stocking Anarchy and Reverend Garterbelt, their vehicle See-Through and the Church environment, all re-created as 3D models. Each piece has been painstakingly re-created using original concept art and animation stills from the source material as a reference to help construct the unique style and flair of PSG in 3D. 

Software used includes Autodesk 3DsMax 2014 for character models and environments (with BonesPro and FinalToon for skinning and rendering), Adobe Photoshop CS6 for storyboarding and Final Cut Pro for video editing. 

A short demo of Panty's model, showing the wireframe and a quick range of motions. You can see the unique deformations of the geometry at work that help replicate the style of the source material.

Presentation images showing the finalised character models and environment shots.

An early turnaround of See-Through's model during production.

Example storyboard pages from the opening sequence of the proof of concept short.